Global Design Research is a research project in the field of design and more widely about social organizations, led by Sibylle Stoeckli, products and industrial designer, who graduated from ECAL in 2004.
Global Design Research is a journey to the five continents to trigger a discussion with designers and craftsmen on their disciplines and in a wider perspective on cultures, customs, know-how, habits and traditions. It is also an approach to research that is direct and anthropological, so as to allow the creation of an inventory of designers, thoughts, designer objects, recipes and manufacturing techniques with the aim of reflecting on durability, between industry and crafts and on the objects themselves and their relationship to mankind.

New Dehli
Kuala Lumpur

Hong Kong
Los Angeles
San Francisco
New York
La Havane
Rio de Janeiro
Arraial D’ajuda
Sao Paulo
1 project, 3 visas, 4 bags, 5 continents, 6 months, 8 vaccines, 9 parcels, 13 countries, 26 cities, 32 degrees, 52 interviews, 142 hours of flying, 198 nights, 594 meals, …

The first part of the trip happened from January 8th to August 2nd 2013. You can now see the images of it on the Soul Food VS Raw Food blog.

An initial report is in the works and so as to share with you the objects, thoughts, speech and foods of all kinds, we are also currently working on an exhibition that will take place at the Depot Basel Gallery in Basel, Switzerland late August 2014. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive detailed information about the events, workshops and the opening.


Global Design Research is also an association

Article 1 – Denomination
Under the name "Global Design Research", a non-profit association was constituted which is governed by a list of 10 statutes, and also by articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. Corporately organized, the "Global Design Research" association allocates its energy to research projects in the field of products and industrial design as well as Swiss and international craftsmanship. It promotes Swiss design abroad and offers a new perspective on global design, cultures, know-how and technology with the aim to create artistic connections and social bonds with the different participating or represented persons.

Be a member:
Become a support member by contributing CHF 50.– Please send us an e-mail with your postal address at and you will receive a passport-notebook and the invoice for the payment.

Vincent Jufer, Gérald Broccard, Enzo Procaccitto, Odile Salvadore, Valentin Kunik, Meret Ernst, Philippe Bischof, Albert Schurs, Simon Denzler, Meteor Collectif, Gabriela Chicherio, Bub Le Zombie, Adeline Molard, Societé Ecran, Nicolas Delaroche, Maryl Crousaz, Sandra Swiss Pernet, Franca Veraguth, Ueli Riegg, Sophie Balmer, Frédérique Leresche, Christophe Guignard, Martino Loco, Mme Raph & Co, Anne Berger, Rolf Stoeckli & Marlise Cruchon, Marie-Belle Kambila, Renata Mika, Damien Kunik, Laure Paschoud, Sophie Huguenot, Philipp Schweizer, Lara Garcia Reyne, Eric Stöckli, Louise Chatelan, Matylda Krzykowski, Rachel Bloch, Isabelle Morier, Suzanne Masliyah, Priscilla Balmer, Carmilla Schmidt, David Von Kaenel & Ariella Machado, Raphaël Sommerhalder, Anne Peverelli, Marc Jufer, Corinne Stulz, Claude Broccard, Madame Paris, Sandro Santoro, Delphine Schnydrig, Alexandre Bugnon, Christianne Bauer, Anne Crausaz, Jeanne Le-Roy-Levy, Anaïs Surmely, Caroline Dionne, Viviane Morey, Monsieur Gland, Christophe Fouad, Jérôme Arendse, Magali Marpaud, Ingrid & Alexandre Beurrier, Patricia Feusier, Frederic Cerchia, Yero Diagne, Lysiane Delavy, Anne Bory, Léonore Baud, Luzia Budmiger, Lucia Calvino, Chloé Cardinaux, Yann Ringgenberg, Garance Dupuis, Atelier Gipfel, Gaël Hugo, Anna Kulp, Sarah Carp, Anselm Fink, Mathieu Christe, Igor Kunekta, Elise Gagnebin, Le Laboratoire, Ann-Sybil Mabillard & Philipe Duduit, Melanie Hofmann, David Spring, Thierry Scherer, Nicole Benz, Marlise Kernen, Dagmar Steffen, Yoo-Mi Steffen, Laura Pregger, Franziska Bründler, Barbara Curti, Olivier Lebrun, Julien Ferla, Luzia Kälin, Loe van Sherpenberg Guyer, David Gagnebin-de-Bons, Ilinca Fosceneanu, Christopher Greiner, Sarah Roman, Julien Ferla, Mireille Borloz, Luc Stöckli, Tt Knecht, Thierry Reverdin, Antonio Natali, Philippe Diserens, Christiane Nill, Kudimba Mbemba, Ilona Schwippl.

Special thanks:
Frédéric Dedelley, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Raphaële Zenger, Adrien Rovero, Zoely et Dieudonné Raharimalala, Guy Meldem, David Keshavjee, Vanessa Meister Varma, Jason Schadt, Dj Lethal Skilz, Rock Corps Malaysia, Nabil Dzulkifli, Michael Young, Julia Modolo, Damien Kunik, Laure Paschoud, Teruo Kurosaki, Matsui Akihiro Ati & Ben Houmbouy, Charlotte Herzig, Nicholas André Sung, Llisa Demetrios, Mark Burstein, Francisco Torres, Regina Pozo, Franz Garcia, Sebastian Ocampo, Jessica Charlesworth, Marie Voisard, Théo Bellmann, Caroline Disler, Philomena Meffe, Paul Goldworm, Esther Cardoso, Eva Jurkewitz, Camila Abud, Isis Braga, Erin Kanygin, Diana Knecht, Vincent Jufer.

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Research & design: Sibylle Stoeckli
Graphic design: Jacques Borel
Translation: Viviane Morey
Update: 05.12.2013